Emerging Startups Which Are Grabbing Attention in 2021 - Series 1

Hope you're having a good start to new year . The no-code/low-code movement has been on its own wild ride during this time with tons of new products entering the space and big tech getting in on the action.

Featured Startups of this week

Media Leap - [ Best Google Music Alternative in the market ]

A New generation media player & music streaming app with media locker . Media Leap lets you upload, stream and sync your music on multiple devices supporting various audio formats including hi-fi formats such as FLAC.


Accelerate and automate security & SOC2 compliance for free

SNEAK-PEEK - Shape, share and sell ideas online.

Launch OS - Turn your ideas into micro-businesses.

Makezu - B2B web app to bring brands into a new paradigm: Fluid-Marketing

Polycred - Generate email aliases to increase your email privacy and security.

Autocode 1.0

Autocode allows you to build endpoints for anything, instantly. New user notifications. Purchase alerts. Scheduled jobs. SQL queries. It's just JavaScript and APIs. Create whatever you want and connect to your favorite APIs with one line of code.

🔁 UserLoop - 1 click customer feedback.

Wacht.tv - Reddit meets MTV, discover music videos!

Unplugged - Providing a digital detox at beautiful cabins in the nature.

Flavour Street - marketplace to discover fresh authentic food made by local vetted chefs

Investor Pitch Training

Practice your pitch with 200+ real investor questions


Feel like a team again with your own virtual office

🧠 BETO - Turning "should" moments into reality; easily forgotten details, via text

Product Patterns - Where founders build their product muscles


Balloon is a virtual events platform, focusing on attendee engagement and organizer monetization.


Recruiting Tool.

Smart Recruiting SaaS



Sales forecasting, product segmentation and automatic replenishment for SMEs.

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