Awesome Digest - Part 1 [ Curated list of AI Tools]

Our hunt begins

Shopify stock has skyrocketed since the e-commerce giant went public 5 years ago. We talked about their growth in more detail earlier this year.

E-commerce is having a moment right now with more businesses turning to online selling.

Swell, launched last week, offers a powerful ‘headless’ e-commerce platform for modern brands, startups, and agencies.

The platform offers unlimited product options, flexible discounts, subscriptions, customizable checkout, and multiple integrations.

With so many e-commerce platforms on the market, it can be difficult to compete with established household names. The creators of Swell believe that headless e-commerce with a no-code editor is the way to go.

In case you’re wondering what headless means, Michelle Teo, one of the makers, explains, “The front end and back end are completely separated, which means brands get freedom of expression to build whatever and however they want.”

Here are some early impressions from the community:

“Eric, Joshua, and the rest of their team are so thoughtful when it comes to the future of the space. Swell is going to crush it, love what they have built.” – Taylor Clauson

“Looks like Shopify Plus on steroids. Really nicely done. And those illustrations are just so captivating.” – Jake Disraeli

“Really impressed by the performance and speed. I've checked out some websites that use swell, and they're quite fast. Good stuff.” – Celik Nimani

If you were waiting for a sign to start selling online, this may be it.

Try Swell

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MainStreet – A startup "no-brainer"

The IRS owes you $50K. MainStreet gets it back for you in 20 minutes. 90% of venture-backed startups qualify, and it's free to check how much you're owed – we only get paid when you make money. Ryan Hoover agrees: "This is a no-brainer for any startup."

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WP Hacked Help

AI powered wordpress malware scanner - one of the top growing and high rated wordpress security scanning solution online for hacked sites.


The marketplace for world-class professional services

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Improve your diet, stress & more with at-home lab testing

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Instant voice messenger with speech-to-text for remote teams

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Today In Life

Plan your life, not tasks

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Automate conversations between companies and people with AI.

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Scan to Whisk

Digitize your printed recipes

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Second State Serverless FaaS

High-performance serverless functions for Rust & WebAssembly

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macOS system monitor in your menu bar

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Secure storage for your passwords & personal information

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Prayana techniques, and sleep sounds to fall asleep.